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The way Antuntun lives

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More students’ presentations (Friends Across Europe project)

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Fun Holiday: Today is Backwards Day

Bored with doing the same thing in and out? On January 31, you can take a break from the rut by doing everything backwards on Backwards Day.

Man in suit with a surfboard on the beach.
Man in suit with a surfboard on the beach.

How to Celebrate?

  • Do everything backwards or sdrawkcab. Wear your outfit backwards and if you can, talk and write backwards.
  • Go to bed in the morning and start working in the evening, have dinner in the morning and breakfast in the evening, and have dessert first during all your meals.
  • Talk to people with your back towards them.
  • Say goodbye to people when you meet them, and hello when you depart.

Did You Know…

…that penguins cannot walk backwards?