40,000 People – One Heart

Hello, I’m Slavko and I live in a small town in the south of Croatia.Today I’ll write about one of the oldest football clubs in Croatia. First of all I’m going to tell you my thoughts about football. Football is a beautiful sport, but many people have forgotten what football really is. Real football is a game that you play with your heart, not just your legs.

And now a story about Hajduk Split, the oldest club in Croatia. In my country for some people football is a religion. Fans of Hajduk are Torcida and their motto is “Hajduk lives forever”. Hajduk was one of the best clubs in ex-Yugoslavia, but since then Hajduk has become one of the worst clubs in Croatia. Its fans are angry because the presidents of Croatian Football Federation (HNS) want to sell Hajduk. Torcida gathered one week ago and they protested against HNS. I have never seen that so many people can gather for one football club. It is wonderful to see so many people dressed in white while singing songs and fighting for the club they have supported since their childhood. I call that “Thousand people – One heart”

Hajduk lives forever!!!

By :Slavko Volarević



An informal letter by Slavko Volarević

Dear Ivan,

There is new pub in my street where everyone can have fun, like playing games, talking about your problems and you can ask anything you want. That place looks just like our houses. It is big and there are 30 sofas, mini-bar, tables, pool etc. I want to ask you if you want to go there with me, because I don`t want to go there alone. If you want, are you free at 14 o`clock on Saturday.

Take care ,


PS. I forgot to say that there is a disco for teenagers and you are safe because there are guards.